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Thank you for indicating interest to hire an intern. The true product of a company regardless the industry is the quality of its people. To this end, more companies have turned to internships as a way to train and assess new staffs as well as give graduates a head start on their career. In the last five years, internships have become less of an opportunity and more of a requirement as most organizations use internship as a recruitment strategy.
The concept of internships is just gaining grounds in Nigeria and there is much confusion about how an internship works; what a business owner stands to gain and how much it cost. We have compiled a brief guide of the key points you need to know about an internship program and how it works.


Career-Advance Internship Program is a one year on-the-job training for graduates in their chosen field or career to enable them gain work experience needed to secure a good job. Hiring an intern means taking on new and brilliant talents that helps your company advance while you build up an intern. This is a recruitment strategy that works as it counters any fear you may have about hiring an inexperienced employee. These interns will be trained on the job and mentored by your organization while you assess their potential.
Organizations should make the most of an internship program. Internships must strike a fair balance between learning and contributing. We advice you offer your interns a supervised project to complete during their internship that allows them develop skills and gain better understanding of your company. This way an intern will be able to measure their development while boosting their confidence of being able to make some kind of contribution. Feedback is important for an intern. If an intern is to learn and grow as an employee in the future, you should help them develop their skills via your invaluable feedback. Praise them for the things they do right but also gently let them know where they could improve and how they can go about it. Interns should be assessed quarterly.
It is important not to view internship as a rolling programme to make up for staff shortages. Rather, an opportunity to hire a brilliant graduate in a cost effective manner.


Broadly speaking, a worker is classified as someone who has set hours of work and duties and can also be sanctioned if they do not adhere to your requirements while a volunteer is free to come and go as they please and is under no obligation to complete work. In practice, this means an intern will need to be paid if you rely on them to keep your business running and they are completing essential tasks unsupervised. Interns should be paid in line with the company’s policy on internship.


Our agency saves you time and make the hiring process as easy and possible. We take out the hassle and stress from you by finding you the perfect graduate intern from the unlimited number available to us. We use our expertise to whittle down the number of prospective graduate interns to a relevant shortlist.
With our experience, we help you conduct preliminary interview test and a two weeks training in our training facility preparing our advance intern for work place challenges and how to successfully cope with them.
Advance interns agency provides you with lots of valuable provisions besides the basic matching process. We guarantee you a swift replacement of an intern if after six months you are not satisfied with an intern placed in your organization.


Of course our services are not free but it is fair priced. Please contact us for details:

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