Future Entrepreneurs Academy

Future Entrepreneurs Academy Programme


ENDIP FEAP Academy Programme will stimulate young people to think about entrepreneurship and the role of the business community in economic and social development. Young people also get an opportunity to analyse the changes taking place in their country and encouraged to consider self-employment and enterprise creation as a career choice.

The ILO’s Know About Business (KAB) would be a framework for this programme that would seek to prepare youths for transition from school to work by imparting entrepreneurial knowledge and skills that will prepare students to start their own business in the future; establish mindset and attitude that can be applied in all aspects of one’s life, including personal and professional arenas.

ENDIP Youth Business Academy would play a catalytic role in stimulating entrepreneurship development with capacity for harnessing the innate potentials of young people in a productive manner. The academy will be a one-stop centre for youth enterprise development. The centre will provide the training and capacity building for secondary and undergraduates; delivering the following services:

• Training and qualifications;
• Mentorship and apprenticeships;
• Business development services and professional bespoke courses;
• Business incubation services and business skills workshops;
• Business counselling, job placements and recruitment linkages;
• Employer engagement, industry assessor and academic assessor programmes;
• Grants and loans and access to finance services;
• Forward linkage with ‘business angels’, growth finance investors and venture capitalist;
• Access to market and market development;
• Artisans’ skills development, certification and recertification programmes.

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