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Lilian Ari, Executive Director ENDIP, Nigeria

Lilian Ari, Executive Director ENDIP, Nigeria

ENDIP WINS 2013 UI Impact Award in the Safety Leadership and Social Performance category, with the project, LIVEWIRE Scheme for EA Neighbouring Communities.

The Shell LiveWIRE Scheme for EA field neighboring communities was initiated and implemented by a collaborative team involving UI HSSE&SP, Government & Community Relations, Logistics and Finance in Nigeria, to provide youths the opportunity to start their own businesses. There are 12 neighboring communities around the EA field (located in the Niger Delta) that have a high population of unemployed and uneducated youth leading to poor economic and social conditions.


The Shell LiveWIRE Scheme has been developed and implemented by the collaborative team as of 2012 to engage and support these young individuals by providing them access to business training and development opportunities. This included start-up capital for the businesses and mentoring to ensure positive outcomes aligned with scheme objectives.


In November 2012, the NGO, Entrepreneurial Development Initiative (ENDIP) was commissioned to assess and select pilot 12 beneficiaries (one from each neighboring community) for the first edition of the LiveWIRE scheme. After the selection, the beneficiaries were trained on how to successfully identify opportunities, plan, run, and grow a successful business. After completing the training, the young entrepreneurs started their businesses with the guidance and support of the ENDIP.


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Since the LiveWIRE scheme was introduced, the communities have seen growth and development in the start-up businesses and significant improvement in the lives of the young entrepreneurs and their families. The success of the scheme has led to a demand for increased number of beneficiaries from 12 to 24 which Shell has committed to going forward. The team’s commitments and efforts to engage stakeholders have built positive relationships with state, local governments and the communities and have instilled pride and independence in the people.  They have demonstrated how a focus on social performance and taking responsibility for our neighbors can have a positive impact on the business and its future.


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