About Us

Entrepreneurial Development Initiative, which has ENDIP, as her acronym is a private, voluntary, not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.  ENDIP commenced operation in January 2000.  We are registered with the Ministry of Social Development, Rivers State Government of Nigeria and the Corporate Affairs Commission under the Part ‘C’ of Incorporated Trustees Act of 1990 as a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, with RC No. 14,254.

With a vision for capacity-development/training and people-centered development at community level, ENDIP is committed to community ownership, community support and community organisation for the purpose of economic empowerment and rural infrastructure development of her populace.  Since its inception, ENDIP has remained committed to mobilizing and promoting sustainable enterprise development as solutions to poverty.

ENDIP is focusing on capacity development of youths, women and men in the core areas of leadership training, talent development; youth vocational skills acquisition; promoting youth micro-enterprise schemes to help foster the creative energies of individuals for the purpose of economic empowerment and rural infrastructure development; Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Management Education Programme for undergraduates of tertiary institutions in Nigeria; Artisan Skills Training Programme; promoting academic excellence through the award of scholarship grants to the `poor and vulnerable’  members of rural communities in the Niger Delta. ENDIP is a catalyst for young people in harnessing and fostering their creative energies for their betterment of our society and Nigerian nation with the overall objective of harnessing the business potentials of young people in their contribution to the enhancement of the economic infrastructure, prosperity and the well-being of the community and nation.


 Our Vision

To develop, 10,000 sustainable enterprises capable of generating Thirty Thousand Youth Employments in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria by the year 2020.

 Our Mission

As a center for enterprise development, ENDIP is committed to facilitating the establishment of sustainable micro-enterprises through capacity development, training, provision of micro-credit, functional vocational/technical training programmes, business development services, mentorship, business incubation and venture equity funding


Our Objectives

  1. Facilitate the establishment of sustainable enterprises as solutions to poverty in rural and urban settings.  Our overall objective is to improve the socio-economic well-being of people generally through the establishment of micro-enterprise schemes that are of local relevance;
  2. Developing the capacities of Civil Society Organizations’ as strategic partners in the sustainable community-driven development;
  3. To act as an institutional catalyst for the re-orientation of young people in harnessing and eliciting their inherent latent entrepreneurial potentials;
  4. To develop a pool of potential entrepreneurs who are well equipped to successfully manage micro, small and medium scale business enterprises;
  5. To provide access to finance information and forward linkage;
  6. To facilitate community-based micro-credit schemes and micro-enterprise development for the socially and economically excluded in society;
  7. To promote academic excellence by the award of scholarship grants to the ‘poor and vulnerable’ members of our society;
  8. To provide an opportunity for training and capacity development of poor and vulnerable youths through the provision of vocational and technical skills;
  9. To restore the dignity of womanhood through rehabilitation/skill acquisition programme for Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs)

Our Strength

Our strength lies in the dynamic and resourceful professionals who form a think-tank for ENDIP.  These are individuals with proven capabilities and proficiency in their various fields of endeavour.


ENDIP management structure comprises:

  • Board of Trustees
  • Council of Management
  • Secretariat
  • Institutional Council
  • Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has eight members.  They are all professionals in their various fields of endeavour.


Executive Council of Management

The Executive Council of Management is made up of four dynamic and resourceful individuals who form a thinktank for ENDIP and help us in achieving ourgoal of rapid rural development through various entrepreneurial development initiatives. It holds quarterly meetings, one of which is held jointly with the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees.



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